Twelve years ago I took a trip with my dog walking around Catalonia. I started from Nau Côclea to Delta de l’Ebre. Every day I was going to a place from someone in the past that I had work with, shared ideas or emotions. Some of theme were artists others were friends. They let me stay in their homes and some times they also walked with me for a while: Carmina, Ester, Santiago, Àlex, Miquel, Robert, Blanca, Montse, Medin… among others. Every place from where I was walking and every arrival was a micro-universe inserted in others.
When I arrived to Porrera, in Priorat, my dog became ill and couldn’t walk no longer. Francesc Vidal and Montserrat Cortadellas picked me up from Reus and bring me to a camping where my dog was recovered. And we just kept going… to Arnes, with Miguel and Antonio, and also with my brothers.
Somehow Grand Tour was born from that experience but with the aim to be bigger and more diverse, with more participation. Sharing with people not only the happiness from the journey but the intelligence, the humor, the creativity, the colors and the diversity from the artists. That’s the reason why this trip -that i’m not doing it alone anymore with my dog- is it called Grand Tour and it couldn’t be possible without theme and with out you.