El Grand Tour 2020 - Foto: Marco Noris
Grand Tour 2021 - Photo: Marco Noris

Grand Tour is a three week walk of about 300 kilometers. The participants walk together with artists of all disciplines.

Every day we walk about 15km with artists that have different proposals to share with the walkers. In the destinations we also find local people that come with us.
People look, listen, read, hear and participate: poetry, dance, installations, performances, music. Mirem, sentim, llegim, escoltem i participem en les propostes: poesia, dansa, instal·lacions, performance, música. We also explore the territory together with local people.

Grand Tour is a proposal for everybody.
The walk is open in all formats: people can walk all the journey or some days only
Every year you will find here a brochure allowing to join and leave and so adapting the trip to your particular circumstances and plans. The price of the walk independently from accomodation and food is 10-15€ for every day and includes guiding ,transport of tents and luggage, insurance and the activities of the artists. Grand Tour is a project for everybody; families, artists, walkers, nature and art lovers. It is a group experience that takes place through walking

Grand Tour is being organised since 2015. In the archives of this website you can see how has Grand Tour been in previous years and meet the artists that have participated (not all the informations are translated yet)

You can also find information in Facebook groupGrand Tour, Caminants Participants i and in the instagram @naucoclea

Come and walk with us!

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